Smart Pit™

The Smart Pit: When Personnel Access is Mandatory

The Smart Pit is the largest of the Quickstream product line, with a riser section diameter of 40”. The lower half of the body geometry is the same as The Poo Pit™ but the upper half of the body expands outwards to connect to the 100% polyethylene construction riser section. There is an integrated standing platform inside the body cavity that allows personnel to safely stand above the sewer flow during confined entry events.

At grade there are two finishing options for The Smart Pit™: there is a cone-like lid for the structure that reduces to a 24” opening, similar to concrete manhole cone sections, or there is a custom concrete ring that allows the 40” riser section to be carried up to grade and uses a standard concrete flat top lid. Both options are designed to use a standard cast iron frame and cover.

Every Smart Pit™ is air tested prior to leaving the factory to ensure sure that all seams are watertight.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Certified to WSA 137 2019

  • 100,000+ products in service

  • Accommodates any grade and angle

  • No horizontal/vertical alignment adjusting bends needed

  • Up to 3 inlets possible in each Poo Pit™

  • Accommodates pipes of all material types

  • Suitable for welded connection to Polyethylene pipes

  • Made to suit either solvent weld or rubber ring PVC

  • Multiple pipe material connections possible on the same pit

  • All fittings prefabricated prior to delivery

  • Tested to depths of 7.5m, see local authority for approved depth

  • 100% watertight. Every product tested

  • Lightweight and user friendly

  • Corrosion resistant (internal / external)

  • Reduced transport and handling costs

  • Rapid delivery over traditional materials

  • Improved efficiencies providing cost benefits to the end user

  • UV resistant, state of the art Polyethylene technology

  • No concrete encasement required

  • Eliminates confined space entry

  • Accommodates traditional and the latest inspection methods

  • No variation to design or installation practices required

  • Easy connection of new lines

  • Reduced excavation size

Easy Installation

The Smart Pit™ is shipped to site fully assembled and lowered into place without the need for any additional assembly. There is no parging or benching required upon installation for added efficiency.