Solutions for Municipalities

Accomplish all maintenance from the surface.

The Poo Pit™ is in municipalities near you.

Since our North American launch in 2019, we have been entrusted by municipalities across the US and Canada that are adopting our products to realize taxpayer savings and the environmental benefits of a sealed wastewater system.

Our proven product, The Poo Pit™, is a direct replacement to the standard concrete manhole with 12” diameter riser shaft.

The Mini Pit™ has a full Polyethylene construction with a 24” riser shaft for increased access. It can be used in both sanitary and storm system applications while still eliminating confined space entry.

The Smart Pit™ is the largest of the product line with a 40” riser section diameter and allows for human access while still offering a fully polyethylene airtight system, eliminating any future maintenance or rehabilitation.